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Participant listParticipating on Tasks
Pat SorannoPatricia SorannoPaul Hanson
Paul del GiorgioPaul del Giorgio G16 Workshop tasksPennsylvania State University
Perform model calibrationPerform model input sensitivity analysisPerform model parameter sensitivity analysis
Person PagePeter IslesPeter Isles G16 Workshop tasks
Physical limnologyPre-workshop preparation by Alex GerlingPre-workshop preparation by Amina Pollard
Pre-workshop preparation by Amy HetheringtonPre-workshop preparation by Arianto SantosoPre-workshop preparation by Beverly Wemple
Pre-workshop preparation by Bomchul KimPre-workshop preparation by Bruce HargreavesPre-workshop preparation by Cayelan Carey
Pre-workshop preparation by David Motta MarquesPre-workshop preparation by Denise BruesewitzPre-workshop preparation by Dominic Vachon
Pre-workshop preparation by Don PiersonPre-workshop preparation by Gesa WeyhenmeyerPre-workshop preparation by Gopal Bhatt
Pre-workshop preparation by Jean-Francois LapierrePre-workshop preparation by Jen KlugPre-workshop preparation by Jim Rusak
Pre-workshop preparation by Jon DoubekPre-workshop preparation by Jordan ReadPre-workshop preparation by Kate Hamre
Pre-workshop preparation by Kathie WeathersPre-workshop preparation by Lele ShuPre-workshop preparation by Lorraine Janus
Pre-workshop preparation by Matt HipseyPre-workshop preparation by Paul del GiorgioPre-workshop preparation by Peter Isles
Pre-workshop preparation by Rafael CavalcantiPre-workshop preparation by Sam OliverPre-workshop preparation by Samal Nihar
Pre-workshop preparation by Shelly ArnottPre-workshop preparation by Stuart JonesPre-workshop preparation by Theodore Kpodonu
Pre-workshop preparation by Tom HarmonPre-workshop preparation by Venesa PerilloPre-workshop preparation by Will West
Pre-workshop preparation by Yves PrairiePredictions and projections for NTLPresent framework at Science in the Northwoods
QAQC calibration data observedQAQC meteorological dataQuick Guide to Using a Wiki
R InstallationR PackagesRafael Cavalcanti
Rafael Cavalcanti G16 Workshop tasksRelevant literatureRun GLM demo
Run GLM demo by Alex GerlingRun GLM demo by Amina PollardRun GLM demo by Amy Hetherington
Run GLM demo by Arianto SantosoRun GLM demo by Beverly WempleRun GLM demo by Bomchul Kim
Run GLM demo by Bruce HargreavesRun GLM demo by Cayelan CareyRun GLM demo by David Motta Marques
Run GLM demo by Denise BruesewitzRun GLM demo by Dominic VachonRun GLM demo by Don Pierson
Run GLM demo by Gesa WeyhenmeyerRun GLM demo by Gopal BhattRun GLM demo by Jean-Francois Lapierre
Run GLM demo by Jen KlugRun GLM demo by Jim RusakRun GLM demo by Jon Doubek
Run GLM demo by Jordan ReadRun GLM demo by Kate HamreRun GLM demo by Kathie Weathers
Run GLM demo by Lele ShuRun GLM demo by Lorraine JanusRun GLM demo by Matt Hipsey
Run GLM demo by Paul del GiorgioRun GLM demo by Peter IslesRun GLM demo by Rafael Cavalcanti
Run GLM demo by Sam OliverRun GLM demo by Samal NiharRun GLM demo by Shelly Arnott
Run GLM demo by Stuart JonesRun GLM demo by Theodore KpodonuRun GLM demo by Tom Harmon
Run GLM demo by Venesa PerilloRun GLM demo by Will WestRun GLM demo by Yves Prairie
Run the GLM lake model for North Temperate LakesRun the PIHM for NTLSam Oliver
Sam Oliver G16 Workshop tasksSamal NiharSamal Nihar G16 Workshop tasks
Select catchment modelSelect core lake and catchment modelsSelect lake model
Set up PIHM for NTLSet up R by Alex GerlingSet up R by Amina Pollard
Set up R by Amy HetheringtonSet up R by Arianto SantosoSet up R by Beverly Wemple
Set up R by Bomchul KimSet up R by Bruce HargreavesSet up R by David Motta Marques
Set up R by Denise BruesewitzSet up R by Dominic VachonSet up R by Don Pierson
Set up R by Gesa WeyhenmeyerSet up R by Gopal BhattSet up R by Jean-Francois Lapierre
Set up R by Jen KlugSet up R by Jim RusakSet up R by Jon Doubek
Set up R by Jordan ReadSet up R by Kate HamreSet up R by Kathie Weathers
Set up R by Lele ShuSet up R by Lorraine JanusSet up R by Matt Hipsey
Set up R by Paul del GiorgioSet up R by Peter IslesSet up R by Rafael Cavalcanti
Set up R by Sam OliverSet up R by Samal NiharSet up R by Shelly Arnott
Set up R by Stuart JonesSet up R by Theodore KpodonuSet up R by Tom Harmon
Set up R by Venesa PerilloSet up R by Will WestSet up R by Yves Prairie
Set up the GLM lake model for North Temperate Lakes
Shelly ArnottShelly Arnott G16 Workshop tasksSimple Model for the Age of Water
Sketch GLM workflowSketch PIHM workflowSpecial Information for Newcomers
Steve JepsenStuart Jones
Stuart Jones G16 Workshop tasksTask AlertTemperature
Test QueryTheodore KpodonuTheodore Kpodonu G16 Workshop tasks
TimeTom HarmonTom Harmon G16 Workshop tasks
U.S. Geological SurveyUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do SulUniversity of California Merced
University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of Western Australia
University of Wisconsin - MadisonVarun RatnakarVenesa Perillo
Venesa Perillo G16 Workshop tasksVerify and validate PIHM for NTLVerify and validate the GLM lake model for North Temperate Lakes
Verify and validate the coupled lake-catchment modelVersions of word draftVisualize Water Balance Shale Hills CZO
What Is Organic Data ScienceWhy lakes and organic carbon cyclingWill West
Will West G16 Workshop tasksWorkshop presentationsWrite paper: Dynamic age of water and carbon
Xuan YuYahara hydrology dataset 2014-2016Yolanda Gil
Yu ZhangYves PrairieYves Prairie G16 Workshop tasks