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Project Leadership

  • Kelly Cobourn Kelly Cobourn, Virginia Tech, lead Principal Investigator. Cobourn is an agricultural and resource economist with experience in bio-economic modeling.
  • Cayelan Carey Cayelan Carey, Virginia Tech, Principal Investigator. Carey is a freshwater ecologist whose research focuses on understanding the causes and effects of eutrophication in lakes.
  • Kevin Boyle Kevin Boyle, Virginia Tech, Principal Investigator. Boyle is an environmental economist who specializes in the development of hedonic models of the impacts of changes in lake water quality on property values.

Co-Principal Investigators

Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

We are fortunate to have a number of graduate and undergraduate students and postdoctoral researchers involved in the project:

  • Amy Hetherington has a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from Cornell University. She worked closely with Lars Rudstam and Kathleen Weathers on her dissertation, which examines the effects of climate on lake ecosystems. Amy is joining the project team as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Virginia Tech in February, 2016.
  • Weizhe Weng is a Ph.D. student in Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Tech. She is co-advised by Kevin Boyle and Kelly Cobourn at Virginia Tech. Her graduate research examines the effects of farmers' land-use and nutrient use decisions on lake water quality and the effect of changes in lake water quality on housing values.
  • Hilary Dugan
  • Lele Shu
  • Julia Hart
  • Yuning Shi
  • Nicole Ward
  • Charlie White
  • Yu Zhang

Lars Rudstam Mike Sorice

Contributing and Participating

Our extended collaborative includes several scientists and lake associations, including: