Develop mechanisms to attract newcomers

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Design of the Front Page

The front page of an Organic Data Science site must have the following information:

  • describe the scope of the community and its purpose
  • benefits for contributors:
  1. become part of a community that works on same science problems and can help with questions etc
  2. be more efficient in doing work, undertaking work that would otherwise be impractical
  3. involved in science projects that will produce papers
  4. learning about technologies that is hard to learn otherwise
  5. if you join early on, you get to give direction to the project
  • a summary of where the activities are currently focused (maybe put a list of currently active tasks)
  • who are the leaders (with pictures), and some indication of how decisions are made
  • who are the latest newcomers (with pictures), maybe say what tasks they are involved with
  • what models are we using in the collaboration
  • some community rules: for deciding how to transfer work between groups, to assign credit when papers are published, to present the work, etc. We talked about GLEON OPP and CZO, something Patricia Soranno wrote, you sent something about ICMJE
  • integration with existing community sites, data standards, etc.

See for example the Front Page for Age of Water Community