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A person page contains all relevant information regarding a contributor to the wiki. Every person page has a person icon before the person's name. The next section lists the person's expertise. After that, all tasks where the person is owner or participant are listed.

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Person Expertise

The Person Expertise section shows expertise keywords for the person. Each expertise keyword is shown with a grey rectangle. Every expertise has a number which indicates how many of the person's tasks have this expertise.

Highlight Related Tasks

Each expertise can be hovered to see which tasks shown in the person page have this expertise. All tasks which have the selected expertise remain, while all others are faded out.

Docu Person ExpertiseHover.png

Edit Expertise

Additional expertise keywords can be specified within the edit mode. By clicking on any expertise you can open the edit mode. Type the new expertise and press enter to confirm. By clicking on the red cross you can delete an expertise keyword.

Docu Person ExpertiseEdit.png

Person Tasks

The person task section lists all person tasks grouped in three categories. First all current tasks are listed, then all future tasks, and then all completed tasks. Every task has an icon which shows the current task state. The task name is highlighted in bold. Next to the task name is a small icon with one or several persons to indicate whether you are the owner or a participant respectively. Below the name the most salient status information is shown.

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Highlight Related Expertise

Most tasks are associated with a set of expertise keywords. Move the mouse over a task to see which expertise keywords are associated with that task.
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