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This page documents how to reorganize tasks in the wiki. All reorganizing actions can be done within the Task Explorer and the Subtask Explorer. You can rename tasks, move tasks or delete tasks. All possible actions for a task are visible with a right click on a selected task.

Important: Use only operations to create, rename, move and delete tasks which are described here. The usage of default media wiki operations like delete or move task pages will lead to an inconsistent state.

Rename Task

You can rename a task with a right click on any selected task. Select rename from the pull-down menu, change the name and press enter to confirm the change.

Docu Rename.png

Hint: With a click on any other task you can abort the action.

Move Task

Moving task works similar to the file explorer in the desktop. First you need to cut a task by doing a right click to open the menu and selecting cut. In the next step you need to define the destination. Do a right click on the new parent task and select paste. With this step the move action is complete.

Docu MoveCutPaste.png

Hint: The following steps are optional.

Tasks are hierarchically organized, therefore subtasks should follow the restrictions of their parent tasks. This means a task target date should be not later than the parent task target date. Similar restrictions exist for the task type. If any inconsistency occurs task are highlighted in yellow. The following steps explain how to make tasks consistent.

Docu MoveProblem.png

The following figure illustrates the inconsistency problem of target dates on a conceptual level. After moving the task, the target date is inconsistent and it is shown in yellow. There are two approaches to solve this problem. You can postpone the target date of the current task or you postpone the target date of the parent task.

This figure illustrates changing the tasks target date.
Docu MoveSolutiona.png

The figure below illustrates changing the parent task's target date.
Docu MoveSolutionb.png

Hint: The task warnings automatically disappear when the tasks are consistent again.

Move Task to Toplevel

Tasks cannot be moved by cut and paste to top-level. Instead, select a task by right clicking and select ToToplevel in the pull-down menu.

Docu MoveToToplevel.png

Delete Task

Every task can be deleted with a right click and selecting delete from the pull-down menu. Deleting a task means also deleting all of its subtasks. The system will as you to confirm that you want to delete all these tasks. 550px

Hint: This action can not be undone easily.