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About this Page

This page is to train Reilly Henson using the task centred organic data science wiki. New users like you can try all features in a sandbox environment which does not affect the data in the organic data science wiki.

About the Training Process

Every visitor of the organic data science wiki is by default a reader. A reader has read access to all tasks but is not able to contribute to tasks. In the first training part you can learn how to contribute as participant to existing tasks. After you have accomplished the first part of the training you are able to add content to tasks. Your user account will be also activated for the organic data science wiki. To manage tasks you need to accomplish the second part of the training. After the second part of the training you are able to own and organize tasks. As an owner you are typical create tasks or restructure existing tasks.

Guidelines TrainingsProcess.png

How do you Start your Training

Your training is split into several short units named tasks. A train task can contain several sub train tasks. The training tasks are structured similar to the Organic Data Science Documentation. Every training tasks has a link to the related documentation page. Click on the link beside documentation to open the related documentation. You can start your first training here. After you have completed this task you follow the hierarchical task structure until you have completed all training tasks.

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Hint: Please do not change any task or page which does not contain your name.