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3rd Science in the Northwoods Conference will be held Oct 15-17th in Boulder Junction, WI

The goal of the workshop is to disseminate information on ecological and environmental research in the Northern Highlands region of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula. Information found at


An organic collaborative approach to science in the Northwoods

Dugan, Hilary, University of Wisconsin-Madison, P Hanson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Y. Gil, University of Southern California, F. Michel, University of Southern California, C. Duffy, Pennsylvania State University, J. Read, CIDA - US Geological Survey, C. Snortheim, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Our goal is to understand the flowpaths of water and carbon in lake-catchment systems. This involves combining catchment hydrologic models and lake hydrodynamic models, with the principles of stable isotope hydrology. We are undertaking this project through a collaborative approach to science, which uses web tools to integrate resources and knowledge and track progress. It is an open-source platform that aims to encourage participation and engage the community. It is hoped this innovative method of collaboration will lead to the successful integration of several scientific disciplines in identifying the sources and routing of water and carbon through lake catchments in the Northwoods.