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For users that are participant contributors, i.e., those who want to be contributors to tasks (but not task leaders):

  1. Advanced Task Browsing
    1. Text search
    2. Expertise filter
    3. Hierarchical/list view
    4. My Tasks Tab
    5. only hierarchical explorer view
  2. Person Page
    1. Explain difference between owner and participant
    2. Add persons expertise
  3. Introduction to task state

For users that are organizer contributors, i.e., task leaders that can be owners of a task:

  1. Create Tasks
    1. Create Task
      1. Add Meta Data
        1. Type, start, target, owner, participant, expertise
        2. Type explanation
        3. Color notation explanation
      2. Add Content
      3. Add additional properties
    2. Repeat x times (Creating subtasks)
  2. CRUD Operations
    1. Rename Tasks
    2. Move Tasks
    3. Move Task to top
    4. Delete Task
  3. Task State Summary