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General Discussion

We will examine necessary features and characteristics of lake models and a catchment models and make a selection eary in 2014. An over-riding objective is to choose models or model features that can easily be incorporated into our the framework.

Catchment Models

PIHM has water quality, but we will adopt a community carbon cycle carbon cycle algorithm that will include appropriate processes and modeling granularity for the lake-catchment purpose proposed here. The Model Development section describes the state of the modeling element. PIHM already has GIS capability.

A new version of pihm is being tested that implements 2-D surface flows including lakes by Yu Zhang a PhD student in Duffy's group. This model will be demonstrated under the Model Development section.

Need to consider calibration and parameter estimation capabilities in 1st 6 months of 2014: hydrodynamic model calibration with LTER site, also the hydrodynamic and hydrologic model will begin in 2nd half of 2014.

Lake Models

GLM is developed by ecological community, as open source software. It has taken some time to develop, and it is being tested by 15-20 different sites. A paper on this is forthcoming.

Other models are IPH-ECO, Delft3d.

The community has 3 different ecological simulation packages. Each has a lot of uncertainty, to address this people do ensemble modeling with all three. In limnology, uncertainty has not been used much so ensemble modeling is new.

If GLM becomes open source (being developed by Australian researchers) then we can use it.

Craig Snortheim, a student at Wisconsin, has implemented carbon cycling in R, could be a code base for our work.

With GLM we can create internal boundary conditions for the lake, so it should be easy to couple with PIHM.

If GLM does not become open source we can still use it, we do have the source code.

Model Overview

The models that we are considering include:

 AuthorSoftware licenseLanguageWeb site
Delft3dDeltares systems
IPH-ECODavid da Motta Marques
PIHM SoftwareGopal Bhatt
Lorne Leonard
Xuan Yu
Chris Duffy
Mukesh Kumar