Quick Guide to Using a Wiki

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To be able to edit a wiki, you have to log in first.

Click the "Edit" button at the top to edit the entire page. After editing, click on "save page" at the bottom.

Copy and paste is the best way to learn :) Edit a section below and paste it into an edit window and then change it.

Adding Text

The text just comes out as it is. If you don't have a blank line in between it will show up as a paragraph.

Note that the table of contents shows up automatically, no need to add it.

This is how to emphasize, this is how you do italics.

You can also emphasize and italicize.

Sections and subsections

They are marked by a title surrounded by one or more "=".


This is a subsection.


A sub-subsection.



  • something
  • something else


  1. one
  2. two
  3. three


An external link to Wikipedia.

An internal link to this wiki's main page. Just put the page title with underscores instead of spaces.

Creating a new page

Just create an internal link in an existing page that simply has the new page title, save that edit. When you click on it, that creates the new page and you can edit it (sometimes you have to click on the "Create" button at the top).

Another way to create a new page is to type the title you want to give it into the "Search" box, the wiki will show you where to click to create it.

Uploading Files

For example, a graphic:

  1. Create a link to it in the place where you want it by putting [[Image:MyFile.jpeg|Graphic]] then save the edit.
  2. Click on the link MyFile.jpeg, and it will ask you to upload the file.
  3. The graphic will show up in the place where you put it: Graphic.
  4. If you want to upload a new version, click on that link and there is a place where it asks you to upload a new version.

Having a discussion

You can use colors and append your name when you have comments. Here is an example: