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The GeoSoft Geoscience Paper of the Future (GPF) activity aims to demonstrate how papers will be published in the future, going beyond a PDF format and including software, datasets, and workflow all published in open and accessible ways that make the paper transparent, reproducible, and machine indexable. We refer to such a paper as a geoscience paper of the future, or GPF for short.

The papers will be submitted to a Special Issue on GeoScience Papers of the Future of the AGU Earth and Space Sciences journal.

We are extending the GeoSoft GPF activity to the broader community as a Geoscience Papers of the Future Initiative to offers training and support to other potential authors of GPFs.

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Roster of GeoSoft GPF Papers

Name Affiliation Research Area Tentative Title Submission Category
Cedric David NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Hydrology and river modeling Going beyond triple-checking, allowing for peace of mind in community model development Technical Report
Ibrahim Demir et al University of Iowa Hydrology Analysis and Optimization of Hydrological Network Database Representation Methods for Fast Access and Query in Web-based System Research Article
Wally Fulweiler et al Boston University Coastal marine ecosystems and biogeochemistry What can we learn from a decade of directly measured sediment di-nitrogen gas fluxes? Technical Report
Bakinam T. Essawy, Jon Goodall et al University of Virginia Hydrology Post-processing Workflows Using Data Grids to Support Hydrologic Modeling Research Article
Leif Karlstrom University of Oregon Volcanology and fluid mechanics Characterization of volcanic vent distributions using spectral clustering with eigenvector selection and entropy ranking Research Article
Kyo Lee et al NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Regional climate model evaluation Evaluation of simulated temperature, precipitation, cloud fraction and insolation over the conterminous United States using Regional Climate Model Evaluation System Research Article
Heath Mills et al University of Houston Clear Lake Marine geomicrobiology Iron and Sulfur Cycling Biogeography Using Advanced Geochemical and Molecular Analyses Research Article
Ji-Hyun Oh USC & NASA JPL Tropical meteorology Tools for computing momentum budget for the westerly wind event associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation Technical Report
Suzanne Pierce et al Texas Advanced Computing Center, The University of Texas Austin Hydrogeology, decision support MCSDSS: An accessible platform and application to enable data fusion and interactive visualization for the geosciences Research Article
Allen Pope NSDIC Glaciology, remote sensing Reproducibly Estimating and Evaluating Supraglacial Lake Depth with Landsat 8 and other Multispectral Sensors Technical Report
Mimi Tzeng et al Dauphin Island Sea Lab Physical Oceanography Fisheries Oceanography of Coastal Alabama (FOCAL): A Subset of a Time-Series of Hydrographic and Current Data from a Permanent Moored Station Outside Mobile Bay (27 Jan to 18 May 2011) Technical Report
Sandra Villamizar et al University of California Merced River ecohydrology Producing long-term series of whole-stream metabolism using readily available data Technical Report
Xuan Yu et al University of Delaware Hydrology Learn integrated modeling of coupled surface and subsurface hydrology from scratch Technical Report


This activity is organized by the GeoSoft project as part of the EarthCube initiative of the US National Science Foundation with awards ICER-1343800 and ICER-1440323.