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Tasks and Timeline

This activity will take place in Spring 2015.

2/6 Select target articles Select a paper per person to use for the work. It could be a paper already published or that is in preparation, and can be by the author or by someone else that would be good to reproduce/understand/make available to the community in a better format.
2/20 Ensure software is usable Gather all the software used in the article, including data preparation codes, pre-processing software, visualization software, and any scripts used. Check that all software runs with input data and generates the results as expected.
3/6 Make data accessible Publish input, intermediate, and final data in a public shared repository (e.g., FigShare), and cite it in the article.
3/11-3/13 Attend F2F Meeting training Training and detailed planning
3/20 Document the provenance of the results Describe the computations that led to the results shown in every figure and table of the paper.
4/3 Document the data analysis method as a workflow Describe the general computations done in the paper as data flow across software components. Define clearly for each piece of software used in the article what are the inputs and outputs and their data types.
4/17 Make software accessible Publish software in a public repository (e.g., GitHub), use a license, and cite it in the article. Make it easy to track updates and new versions of the software.
5/1 Make software executable by others Ensure that software does not have run-time dependencies that make it difficult for others to run it, provide test data if available.
5/15 Document software by specifying metadata Describe general metadata about the software: how to use it, how to run it, how to use it with new data, etc.
5/29 Document domain metadata to describe software Describe domain data and constraints that help others understand the software.
5/29 Prepare the article for publication Document the methods section, the figures, and the references.

During the month of June, the articles will be finalized and submitted to a special issue of a journal.