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The Organic Data Science framework is designed to enable ad-hoc unanticipated collaborations. This requires that new collaborators should be able to come up to speed very quickly on what activities are ongoing, and be able to contribute to tasks that are relevant to them. To support this goal, we provide training materials for newcomers. Note that no training is needed if you just want to browse the site and see what is going on, but not edit or change anything.

Before you start

Learn the basics of how wikis work: Quick Guide to Using a Wiki, or the detailed User's Guide.

If you don't want to go through the training process, you can go through the documentation here


Training is only required if you want to contribute by editing the content of ongoing tasks. We first train you as a participant, which means that you can contribute to tasks that others are leading. This training takes approximately one hour. If you want to be able to create and lead new tasks, you must take the owner training. his training takes approximately two hours.

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The training materials include documentation and practice. You can practice in this wiki without fear of disrupting anything in the actual Data Science site. To get started, click on the entry on the left-hand side that has your name in it. Read that page and follow the instructionsin it. Don’t forget to login first. If you don’t find an entry with your name, please contact us.

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Once you are done with the training, you can use the same login information for the Organic Data Science wiki and start contributing.


Please contact us at We will respond quickly!